Friday, September 28, 2012

European Union Unveils its Cloud Computing Strategy

During the last two years I have been reporting about the different consultation events undertaken during the development of the cloud computing strategy. Now, finally, the European Union has just announced a strategy to boost the use of cloud computing among its members in the private and public sectors and an implementation plan based on three cloud-specific actions:

  • Cutting through the Jungle of Standards 
  • Safe and Fair Contract Terms and Conditions 
  • Establishing a European Cloud Partnership to drive innovation and growth from the public sector
The document entitled Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe sets out these actions and serves as a call on all stakeholders to participate in their implementation.
This is very good news, but we have to remember that creating a good strategy is only the start. The real challenge is in execution.

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  1. Setting up such system in one company alone can be tough enough - nevermind a whole continent. I sure hope the EU has people like those in the local bristol it support to help them. Otherwise, there's a chance that project won't turn out as good as planned.