Sunday, May 15, 2011

World Economic Forum Report on Priorities for Industry and Governments to Advance Cloud Computing

In my last post, I recommended the European Commission report on The Future of Cloud Computing to people defining strategies, developing research lines or exploring market opportunities in Cloud Computing. This time I would like to share a new reading recommendation, the World Economic Forum report on Advancing Cloud Computing: What to Do Now?. This report was the main outcome of a two-year study on the Future of Cloud Computing conducted by World Economic Forum and Accenture.

As part of this study, last December I participated in a Cloud Computing Workshop organized in London by World Economic Forum with senior government representatives, industry experts and academics in Europe to capture perspectives on the development, adoption and deployment of Cloud Computing. This private workshop was the final in-person discussion prior to the launch of the recommendations of the study at the Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2011. This report is one of the inputs of the consultation process on a European Cloud Computing strategy initiated in Davos by Neelie Kroes some months ago.

The report highlights eight action areas that industry and governments need to address:
  • Explore and Facilitate the Realization of the Benefits of Cloud
  • Advance the Understanding and Management of Cloud-related Risks
  • Promote Service Transparency
  • Enhance Accountability across all Relevant Parties
  • Ensure Data Portability
  • Facilitate Interoperability
  • Accelerate the Adaptation and Harmonization of Regulatory Frameworks Related to Cloud
  • Provide Sufficient Network Connectivity to Cloud Services
I invite anyone who has an interest in Cloud Computing to read this report. It is worth reading.

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  1. I see cloud as a cost efficient structure for business and it can be feasible for government units. For one we can share the universal it strategic management that most enterprise has in blueprint.